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Welcome to the OtherWorld Internet Solutions resource library. These resources are here to give you easy access to recommended software. All the programs listed on this page have been recommended either by us or other visitors, so the programs listed should prove to be useful. If you'd like to see your favorite programs on this page, please contact us.
Do you have a favorite program that meets the criteria of the page below? Are you a software developer that would like to see your program advertised here? Or would you just like to help us here at Other-World and add to our list? If so we'd love to have you help us and add new resources to the list. Add a resource

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Graphic Utilities
Color Manipulation Device
A handly little program to help you pick colors for your HTML docs.

GIF Animation Tutorial

MAC Animated Gif Creator
GifBuilder v0.4

Other-World Java Library
Other-World's very own Java programs that you can use

Other-Worlds Animated GIF Library

WINDOWS Animated Gif Creator
GIF Construction Set for Windows 1.0M

Macintosh FTP Clients
Anarchie is an FTP and Archie client. It will search for, find, and download files.

Fetch 3.0.1
Macintosh FTP Client

An FTP client. It supports Internet Config, it's fully threaded, and it supports resumed downloads from servers that support this feature. Drag and drop to the trash.

Macintosh HTML Editors
Alpha - Text, HTML Editor for Macintosh

Offers WYSIWYG design capabilities. Can build a page from an existing HTML file and it can import fully formatted RTF text files to allow the use of text processors.

BBEdit HTML extensions

HTML Editor for the Macintosh
a semi-WYSIWYG editor for an HTML documents

HTML Grinder
A powerful utility for Macintosh-based Webmasters. Uses plug-in tools that perform repetitive chores on all of your HTML files at once.

MacHTTP Util BBEdit

Macintosh WWW Development Resources

Page Spinner
A very full-featured text editor. This is a great way to learn HTML. It's somewhere between a basic text editor and a WYSIWYG editor in difficulty.

Simple HTML Editor
a simple editor for creating HTML documents. It is in the form of a HyperCard stack.

Mac-based automatic Web publishing system requiring no knowledge of HTML.

Macintosh Misc.
A Macintosh based image manager, can catalog also

LiveImage 1.0
A Freeware image map creator that is fairly decent.

Multi-Threaded Newswatcher is an Usenet news reader that is one awesome program, if you have a mac and are looking for a FREE news reader

uuUndo v1.0 (57K)
For UU Decoding Email Attachments.

Promotional Utilities
Banner Trader will let your site be seen by all of those people who use banner-trader, so it helps you AND them, it's a win-win situation

Other-World List Manager
The OtherWorld Email List Manager provides a convenient way to have a large email mailing list and manage email blasts. The mail is sent out in a internet friendly way to minimize mail server problems on the net.

Rank This!
This Online Utility helps you track where your ranking stands in the Search Engines. Use this Information to target specific Search Engines for better listings.

Submit It!
This place will register your web site with lots of search engines for you!

Web Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator ALL VERSIONS

Opera Web Browser is a shareware browser that loads pages faster than Netscape or Internet Explorer, and has no fancy add-on's but also has disadvantages, there is no Java implemented yet.

Windows FTP Clients
a VERY easy to use shareware FTP client

Net Vampire
Net Vampire 2.0 is an FTP and HTTP client for unattended file downloading.

Smart FTP is an explorer style interface. It supports drag & drop, and multiple connections, and best of all, it's FREE!

32 bit version for Windows 95 or Windows NT. This Product is available from ipswitch.com, you may download a free trial if you fill in their form.

Windows HTML Editors
Easy-to-use web page creation/editing tool. Ideal for all developers - from beginners to advanced. Currently Freeware.

HoTMetal (SoftQuad)

HTML Author
add-on HTML author for Word 6.0.

Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word

Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit
Windows-based HTML editor designed for creation and maintenance of Web documents. Includes support for every feature of HTML 1, 2 and 3, plus Netscape extensions.

NetObjects Fusion
NetObjects Fusion 4.0 is the fastest, easiest way to build business Web sites. NetObjects Fusion enables users to build, manage, and update an e-business site quickly and effectively. It provides not only comprehensive site management and development capabilities, but also an easy way to add e-commerce functionality and dynamic database access to your Web site. The SiteStructure Editor allows you to architect and communicate your site structure quickly. The Four-Way Layout Editor creates precise page layouts and lean, targeted HTML effectively. NetObjects Fusion components provide seamless, dynamic access to multiple databases and application servers, including Microsoft Active Server Pages, Lotus Domino, Allaire ColdFusion, and IBM WebSphere.

Quarterdeck WebAuthor for Word

TILE Information
A Web authoring program for Lotus Notes. It works best for databases and collaborative authoring.

Web Author
Quarterdeck's new web authoring tool. This is a registration for a trial version.

Web Media Publisher
Full featured 32 bit HTML editor with complete JAVA and Shockwave support.

Quick, easy-to-use editor for Win3.1 and 95 with powerful features and low system requirements.

Windows Misc.
Map This
Another easy to use Image Map creator/editor

This is a good windows image map file editor.

mIRC IRC Client
An IRC client that is easy to use and powerful. There are lots of IRC rooms where you can get help with HTML.

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